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    Dance shoes, apparel, and accessories for every dancer.

    View Selection Of Dance shoes, Dance apparel & more

    In addition to our huge selection of Long Island dance shoes, we provide dance apparel and accessories for all types of dance including ballroom, gymnastics and cheerleading. Find all types of dancewear on Long Island by visiting our dance store in Oakdale, NY for more info call us at 631-567-2229

    • Leotards in halter, camisole, tank, short sleeve, and long sleeve and skirted in a rainbow of colors; gymnastics leotards in tank style and biketards.
    • Dance pants and shorts.
    • Skirts and tutus
    • Tank tops, t-shirts, and sweatshirts in solid and graphic prints; fishnet layering pieces; jackets; sweaters and shrugs.
    • Cheer apparel including cropped turtleneck tops and cheer briefs. We can order your team color if it is not in stock.
    • Men’s and boys’ jazz pants; men’s tights and dance belts
    • Under it all: all the necessities to wear under dance clothing including clear strap bras and dance leotards, sports bras, and panties.
    • Ballroom dresses, tops, and skirts
    • Capezio Ultrasoft, Body Wrappers Total Stretch, and So Danca tights in a variety of styles, including footed, transition, footless, stirrup, fishnet, and body stockings.
    • Hair Accessories: Hair bows in dozens of colors; Head bands with bows, rhinestones and fascinators; Flower clips in a variety of sizes and styles; Hair clips, barrettes, bobby pins and hair pins; Buncovers, snoods, bun builders, and hair nets.
    • Fitness items: Knee pads, resistance bands, and turnboards
    • Foot and shoe care: Toe pads, stitch kits, jet glue, rock rosin, lambs wool, elastic and ribbon for pointe shoes, Tap ties and shoe laces
    • Dance makeup: body glitter, eyelashes, lip gloss
    • Dance bags, makeup bags, suitcases, garment bags, costume organizers and Rac N’Roll
    • Jewelry and gift items

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    A dancer can never be too careful with his or her feet.  That’s why we at Dance in Dancewear offer a wide variety of shoes for every kind of dancer, from ballet to hip-hop. Click through the tabs below to check out all of our offerings–and if you have a particular shoe in mind but don’t see it in our list, feel free to give us a call.

    Bloch European Balance Ballet Pointe Shoe

    The generous wide platform encourages balanced weight distribution which can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals. Combined features of the low profile, open throat line of the U vamp and the elastic drawstring creates a streamlined snug fit allowing the dancer to feel like they could stay ‘en pointe’ all day. Tapered box and the inside of the shoe is narrower for a snug fit around the toes. Naturally contours the foot significantly improving injury prevention. The heel seam cushion reduces material creasing and maintains the perfect line of the foot when on pointe. Built in toe gel pad.

    Bloch Balance Lisse

    Balance Lisse, complete with full sole, is an innovative pointe shoe that offers the dancer a supremely streamlined and secure fit no matter how demanding the routine. The shoe boasts a host of new technical design features every ballerina will adore; including sleek, contoured heel and curved last which follows the natural line of the foot.
    This revolutionary design features a very wide platform, tapered internally, that helps dancers to feel as though they could remain en pointe all day. The contoured heel has been expertly sculpted to reduce bagginess, achieving a beautiful, seamless line every time. The Balance Lisse is crafted from reinforced satin which remains smooth and strong through vigorous pointe work, enabling you to create beautiful, seamless lines on stage and fulfil your full potential en pointe. This reinforced material is also stronger and longer lasting, helping to reduce wrinkles and provide an overall smoother look. Featuring a sleek, sculpted heel that gives a lower profile to the foot, together with overall reduction in appearance on the heel and a thinner sponge incorporated into the heel of the shoe, to effectively maintain the natural shape of the heel. Designed on a curved last, a medium shank follows the natural contours of the foot, keeping the instep in contact with the shoe, in order to provide comfort and injury protection. Elastic drawstring.

    Bloch Hannah

    WBLOCH bestseller! The Hannah Pointe Shoe is lightweight, flexible, and built for strengthening and building key muscles in the foot. Wide yet tapered box with optimal fit hitting all major internal contact points between foot, shank, and box. Supple insole designed on a curved last to assist the foot en pointe. Wide platform encourages even weight distribution. Medium-length U-shape vamp, low profile, and wide tapered box create a snug, streamlined fit. Soft curved shank hugs the foot and stays in close contact with the arch. Cotton drawstring.

    Bloch Heritage

    Heritage is a Russian inspired pointe shoe boasting a low V-shaped vamp design that lengthens the aesthetic line of the foot. The shank is designed to be flexible, supportive en pointe and durable, which makes it an ideal shoe for both rehearsal and performance. The medium strength, gently curved shank promotes foot articulation and can help the dancer achieve demi pointe. Flat pleating under the box creates a smooth surface and greater stability when running, walking or standing flat, with noise reduction under the pleats. The improved, cupped heel shape incorporates a heel counter, providing the dancer with a feeling of security and snug fit ⁠— this also assists in maintaining the shape of the shoe in both the standing and en pointe positions. Inside the box at the platform, is a soft sponge cushion insert which gives extra comfort and protection when standing en pointe and acts as a shock absorber. Cotton Drawstring.

    Bloch Raffine

    Raffiné takes the best of the Heritage and innovates further to deliver a shoe with enhanced lines, built in noise reduction and better arch support. The contoured heel construction and shorter outsole of the Raffiné create an elegant line closely following the natural shape of the foot while en pointe. The reinforced satin provides durability and minimizes noise. An ideal shoe for students and professionals alike.
    • Excess material has been removed from the heel and a shorter outsole has been used to allow the shoe to follow the natural line of the heel more closely while en pointe.
    • Additional layering through the pleats and platform base provides up to 8 times more insulation from noise.
    • Reinforced satin material is stronger and longer lasting than traditional satins and helps to reduce wrinkles providing an overall smoother look.
    • Removable internal gel cushions for the toe box for added comfort if the dancer chooses
    • No heel cushion, cotton drawstring.
    • V shape vamp, medium platform, low sides, tapered last.


    Bloch Grace

    Grace is BLOCH’S lightest pointe shoe to date and is incredibly supportive! The shoe’s Relevease shank uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine and allow an easy roll through demi to en pointe. The box shape is elegant and designed to fit and support the foot for maximum comfort. Wide, oblong platform encourages even weight distribution and balance. Strategically placed cushioning provides ultimate shock absorption for stability and balance. Low profile, medium sides and open throat line of the medium length U-shaped vamp, creates a snug streamlined fit. The high-quality full satin upper has a super comfortable backing that gives you a sports sneaker feel and flatter profile under supporting foot prevents rolling when standing flat. Laser-scored pattern on the durable, full grain leather outside provides ultimate traction and control. Removable internal gel toe cushions for incredible comfort. Noise reduction technology under the pleats keeps you silent on stage. Elastic drawstring.

    RP Muse U-Cut Drawstring

    Let Muse be your inspiration for gorgeous pointe work and delicious comfort. Russian Pointe’s roomiest pointe shoe, Muse features the pliable shanks, pre-arched construction and exquisite appearance of the Spotlight Collection, with a generous box, medium crown and extra-wide toe platform. Dancers most likely to choose Muse have broad or even-length toes or wear thicker padding, such as gel pads.

    RP Mabe

    Sea of Pearls Collection
    Look no further than this pearl-inspired pointe shoe for your perfect fit. Mabe pointe shoes are included in the NEW Sea of Pearls Collection. Featuring pliable shanks, pre-arched construction, generous box, medium crown and an extra-wide toe platform. Dancers most likely to choose Mabe have broad or even-length toes or wear thicker padding, such as gel pads. This model does not have a significant difference in width from the metatarsal to the heel. Mabe is one of our roomiest shoes, fitting broader and more rectangular feet!
    Fits fuller profile feet with even-length toes and a broad heel.
    If you love the Muse from our Spotlight Collection, we recommend the NEW Mabe pointe shoe for your next pair.

    RP Mabe.

    RP Brava U-Cut Drawstring

    You’ll exclaim “Brava!” as soon as you slip your feet into this marvelous pointe shoe, and your audience will agree! With the pliable shanks, pre-arched construction and exquisite appearance of the Spotlight Collection, Brava features a slightly tapered box with a medium crown and wide platform, and a streamlined heel. Dancers most likely to choose Brava have even-length to moderately tapered toes, and a noticeable difference in width from the metatarsal area to the heel (“diamond” foot).

    RP Baroque

    Sea of Pearls Collection
    Where elegance and technology meet sustainability. Baroque pointe shoes are included in the NEW Sea of Pearls Collection. Featuring a slightly tapered box with a medium crown and wide platform, streamlined heel, pre-arched construction, and lining made from ocean-bound plastic. Dancers most likely to choose Baroque have even-length to moderately tapered toes, and a noticeable difference in width from the metatarsal area to the heel.
    Fits “diamond” feet with even to slightly tapered toes.
    If you love the Brava from our Spotlight Collection, we recommend the NEW Baroque pointe shoe for your next pair.

    rp baroque.

    RP Akoya

    Sea of Pearls Collection
    Find the treasure of hand-sculpted pointes in Akoya. These pointe shoes are included in the NEW Sea of Pearls Collection. Featuring pliable shanks, pre-arched construction, a drawstring, tapered box with a medium crown and medium toe platform, and a streamlined heel. Dancers most likely to choose Akoya have slender, tapered toes or a longer second toe, and need a narrow-fitting feel.
    Fits tapered toes or a longer second toe.

    rp akoya.


    Each Grishko Pointe Shoe is created with the same passion and performance expressed by our dancers every day. Our expert cobblers work tirelessly to create perfection, by hand, using only natural materials. Grishko Pointe Shoes are handcrafted for excellence and designed for the safety and health of our dancers.

    Grishko 2007

    A U-shaped medium vamp with a drawstring, medium platform, machine-stitched suede sole. New anatomical form extremely supportive and comfortable for all kinds of feet. The specially designed extra light model with a suede machine-stitched sole provides an easy transition from the demi-pointe to the pointe and back. The shoe is distinguished by its perfect balance and placement, outstanding durability, lack of noise and perfect comfort.

    Grishko Dream Pointe 2007

    DreamPointe 2007 is the newest and extremely durable model by Grishko, which insole and platform integrated part is made by eco friendly orthopedic thermoplastic material. DreamPointe 2007 is the pre-arched version of the basic DreamPointe model. The manufacturer recommends the style for professional dancers and senior students of ballet schools but it also could help those who have difficulties to get on full pointe.

    Nikolay Victory Flex

    A unique box construction with the use of two paste brush-on for strength where needed and flexibility where desired. Easy roll-through shank with unique last that is built as an improvement of the Iconic “Elite” model. This new last features an elegant faux taper, while still fitting very broad and square foot shape. This model features the broadest platform in the NIKOLAY® line.

    This model is extremely versatile, fitting a variety of feet from narrow to very wide, square to slightly tapered. Ideal for square shaped feet and medium arch. The FLEX shank feels absolutely perfect as a broken-in shoe that is easy to get over the box with and easy to roll-through from the first wear. The Elasticated binding has the perfect tension without gathering too much on the heel. Provides a sleek and classic look to the foot.


    Platform: Extra Wide
    Vamp: U-cut, Medium
    Sole: Machine-stitched
    Wings: High

    nikolay victory flex.

    Nikolay StreamPointe

    Classic shank with easy roll-through.
    Elasticated binding further improves this new model, by providing a streamlined fit for dancers with shallow and square foot shapes. Pliable yet supportive shanks follow any arch height. Extreme flat platform will allow the dancer stability, and secure balance.
    Comfortable, soft, shock-absorbing insole (soft layer on the insole from above to the heel).
    Lining in the heel of a unique microfiber fabric that prevents the pointe shoes from slipping off the foot.

    Platform: Wide
    Vamp: U-cut, Medium height
    Sole: Machine-stitched
    Wings: High

    Shank: Medium Soft, Hard, Reinforced available via special order.

    nikolay Stream pointe.

    Nikolay StarPointe

    Based on the best selling StreamPointe model, StarPointe offers new possibilities with a different shank construction. The specially designed polymer shank is very supportive while also being flexible enough to form perfectly to any dancer’s arch. A slightly raised microfiber heel cup offers fuller coverage and security. StarPointe features an elasticated

    binding for a streamlined fit. LONG-LASTING INNOVATION Thermoformable shank lasts longer and gives both flexibility and resilient support to the foot. READY-TO-WEAR Thermoformable insole. Adaptable crown accomodates all foot shapes. Platform: Wide Vamp: Soft V-cut, Medium Sole: Machine-stitched Wings: High

    For feet with low and medium arch.

    Nikolay Starpointe slipper.

    Nikolay Tamara

    Introducing the “Tamara” Pointe Shoe
    Inspired by love and perfected by design. Crafted by Nikolay Grishko’s world renowned factories, this latest innovation pays tribute to his adored wife of 40 years, Tamara Grishko, designed for dancers aiming to highlight their arches, and achieve impeccable balance.

    This model offers a pliable yet consistent, supportive shank that forms perfectly to any dancer’s arch.
    This improved design offers:
    – a smooth appearance even en-pointe position, provided by the heel counter which securely hugs the heel,
    – a more streamlined fit.

    Our incredibly soft microfiber lining adds additional comfort and prevents the shoe from sliding off the foot.
    The use of our Miracle glue in the box and wings, offers extreme flexibility and allows these parts to be easily adapted by hand. This innovative paste works equally well in cold, warm and humid climates.
    Elasticated binding provides a snug, secure fit. Built for compressible feet, Higher crown, medium platform, Forced V-Vamp, Elasticated Binding, Shank reinforcement through center of the insole, Easy roll-through.

    – Reinforced vamp prevents spillage forward (on flexible feet). Double satin heel offers smooth look, stable and snug fit.
    – Outcome: Sleek and streamlined fit, improved agility, and poise.

    Side Adjustments
    – Lowered by 5mm for a sleek appearance, accentuating the arch.

    Shank Makeover
    – 5mm shorter for a closer arch fit. Making the shanks true 2/3 length.
    – Enhanced flexibility with robust arch support. Shanks are made from leatherboard and other materials that will be longer lasting and the added arch support will prevent the shoe from breaking low.

    Nikolay Tamara slipper.

    Merlet Diva

    Entirely developed and produced in Limoges, France. It features a 3/4 polycarbonate shank, removable silicone gel toe padding. Stable platform with built in suede patch. They come supplied with their own cotton pointe shoe bag and canvas ribbon with elastic inserted to relieve pressure from your achilles tendon.

    Capezio Cambre

    A new and technologically advanced pointe shoe featuring a range of innovations that allow you to seamlessly roll through the ball of the foot onto pointe while providing flexibility, comfort, support and stability. Lower crown, deep vamp, full wing box for lateral support. Sculpted arch, greater heel curve, shorter outsole length. Thin outsole to stand close to the floor and scored outsole for enhanced traction. Bias side seam, Stitched platform eliminates pleats. Elasticized binding with elastic drawstring. Plush rose color anti-slip sock lining, rayon satin upper, leather sole. Broad Toe – 3 Shank .50 shank length or 4 Shank .75 shank length

    Capezio Developpe

    Moderate, slightly tapered, reinforced inner toe box, moderate-high vamp. Plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction. Feathered full wings for lateral support. Reduced sole length eliminates excess at the heel. Skived ball of the foot encourages smooth roll through and articulation. Traditional stitched pleating with quiet toe construction. Half-skived #3 or #5.5 leather board shank. Elastic drawstring.

    Capezio Ava

    This premium pointe shoe has a broad toe box and a reinforced shank. The plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and unnecessary blistering caused by friction. Features a high and wide platform for easy balancing at the barre. One of the best “training tools” for new pointe students; this shoe gentle nudges dancers to go over the box, while promoting stretch in the metatarsal and ankle area Broad toe box, moderate vamp. Slight “U” shaped throat flatters the arch. Removable surgical gel alleviates pressure on the toes. Elastic drawstring.

    Capezio Kylee

    Moderate inner toe box and vamp, slight u-shaped throat. Plush, anti-slip microfiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction, Standard side seam, lowered profile, moderate hand-flattened crown. Flex point on tongue of shank allows for greater flexibility at the ball of the foot. Elastic drawstring.

    Capezio Phoenix

    Bloch Bunny Hop

    Introductory full sole ballet flat with Bunnyhop lining.

    Available in child’s sizes 5-1.5 C and D Widths

    Bloch Giselle

    The Giselle is a lightweight full sole leather ballet flat with an elastic binding that replaces the need for an untidy drawstring, eliminating pressure on the top of the dancer’s foot. A cushioned insole provides additional comfort.  Pre sewn elastic over the instep keeps your shoe in place.

    So Danca SD69 Bella/Brittany

    Soft leather, no drawstring shoe lined with adorable ballet shoe design. Elastic casing replaces the drawstring.  Pink.

    Bloch Dansoft

    Leather full sole. Cotton lining and pre-sewn elastic
    Also available in child sizes
    Pink, black or white

    Bloch Odette

    The Odette a lightweight split sole leather ballet flat with an elastic binding that replaces the need for an untidy drawstring, eliminating pressure on the top of the dancer’s foot. The pre- sewn criss-cross elastic keeps the shoe in place, while the cushioned insole gives you added comfort.

    Capezio Adult Juliet Split Sole Leather Ballet Shoe

    Constructed of soft, durable sheepskin glove lever

    • Split sole
    • Patented diamond gusset creates a seamless, sculpted arch
    • Moisture absorbent brushed polyester/cotton lining gives better floor feel
    • Precision trimmed forefoot padding ensures a flat shoe
    • Bar-tacked elastic drawstring
    • Contoured, durable chrome tanned suede sole patches
    • 3/8″ criss cross attached elastics
    • Light pink
    • Black

    Bloch Elastosplit

    The elastic system in the mid section of the ‘Elastosplit X’ replaces materials in the mid-foot to reveal the dancer’s arch and minimize bunching underfoot. The elastic system is in an X configuration and contours to the natural lines of the foot.

    Capezio Hanami

    This split sole ballet shoe is unlike any shoe you have ever worn. It features the ultimate in comfort and fit. The four way stretch canvas hugs your foot like no other ballet slipper ever has. It is truly a second skin fit. The incredible buttery soft lining provides comfort beyond your expectations.

    Bloch Performa

    Super soft, lightweight, split sole canvas ballet flat that hugs the dancer’s foot perfectly and accentuates the contours. It is available in a range of shades to suit many skin tones:  pink, sand, coffee and cocoa.

    • The toe shape is specifically designed for ultimate balance
    • Shock absorbing heel cushioning
    • Pre sewn crossed elastics
    • Generous front and rear leather sole pads
    • Front sole pad is wider which allows the toes to spread for easy balance
    • Adheres to the arch beautifully

    So Danca SD16 Bliss

    All Stretch Canvas shoe without drawstring, adhering perfectly to the arch and without gaping on the sides. No unsightly gaping when on demi-pointe. Available in pink, white, black, sand, mocha and suntan.

    Bloch Irina and Max Warm Up Booties

    Warm-up booties for ladies and men designed by Bloch Stars and American Ballet Theater Principal Dancers Irina Dvorovenko and Max Beloserkovsky. 100% Polyester filling for exceptional warmth and extreme comfort. Cushioned heel, 100% nylon shell.

    Capezio Pirouette II Lyrical/Modern Shoe

    • Leather
    • ‘Stretch and Return’ capability with true stretch gives ample room for foot articulation
    • Half sole design with covered toes
    • Suede sole patch with pleats
    • Ballet constructed sole patch really allows the toes to spread
    • 5/8″ one-sided plush primary elastic pre-attached at the sides
    • 3/8″ secondary elastic attached under the arch
    • Soft elastic binding keeps shoe in place without pinching
    • Perfect for programs that prohibit open toe shoes
    • Nude or black

    Capezio Hanami Pirouette

    • Four way canvas
    • One sided plush primary elastic with Capezio logo
    • Silicone lined secondary elastic for secure fit
    • Suede sole patch
    • Pleats
    • Micro fiber lining
    • Available in nude, light suntan and mocha

    So Danca Bullet

    The Bullet – Stretch canvas upper, suede sole turning shoe.  Longer front for full coverage.

    Capezio Adult Pedini Femme Teaching/Lyrical/Modern Shoe

    • Light, strong, breathable Neoflex and durable
    • Patented, two-piece, split-sole design with minimalist instep provides notable arch exposure
    • Patented PowerPointe® Construction removes excess material from the arch
    • Contoured suede forefoot patch is cushioned and provides traction
    • Insole lined with moisture absorbing, odor-deterring, antimicrobial DRYZ®
    • 3/4″ PVC injected, lightweight, non-marking and shock absorbing heel
    • Black or caramel

    Capezio Agility Gym Acrobatics/Gymnastics Shoe

    • Soft, durable leather upper and lining
    • V-shaped spandex gore insert over the instep
    • Elasticized heel cup provides a snug, comfortable fit
    • Rubber sole patches match the upper
    • Polyester socklining cushioned with sponge foam for comfort
    • Embossed logo on outsole
    • All-purpose gym shoe
    • Child and adult sizes
    • White or black

    Capezio Adult footUndeez® Lyrical/Modern Shoe

    • Four-way stretch, breathable Nylon Lycra® Spandex powernet upper
    • Patented ExoArmor duet sole patches move independently
    • Pads are securely sewn with stitching both on the edge and interior
    • 5/8″ one-sided plush elastic with Capezio® logo holds footUndeez® in place
    • Firmer and stretch less than the Rhinestone or Print styles
    • Also available in child sizes

    Angelo Luzio Twyla

    • Glove soft natural tanned leather
    • Sure-grip natural vegetable dyed suede sole
    • Anatomically curved last with left and right construction
    • Vegetable-dyed, cut-away-design displays dancers arch
    • Freedom pleats permit easy pointe-to-flex toe movement
    • Protects toes and creates ballet line without the heel
    • Tan leather
    • Also available in canvas

    Bloch Eclipse

    Leather ballet shoe features upper that protects foot without restricting movement. Silicon backing on elastic strap to prevent strap slipping while on foot. Leather outsole for turning ease, and cotton terry lining for comfort.

    Bloch Foot Thong III

    Double sided suede leather forefoot pad protects the ball of the foot from abrasion, particularly in styles such as contemporary, jazz and lyrical. Silicone elastic secures forefoot pad to foot, thin suede strips in between the toes stop the pad from twisting.

    So Danca Ghillie

    Leather upper, traditional Irish Ghillie with full leather sole.

    Available in black.  Tan special order only.

    Bloch Super Jazz

    A full grain soft leather upper jazz shoe with a strong elastic toppiece for quick, easy changes.

    • A 100% cotton lining helps the shoe to breathe
    • An introductory leather jazz shoe with laces fora secure fit
    • Soft and flexible with full A grain leather upperand cotton lining
    • Rubber split sole. The EVA outsole is light, durable and flexible providing the balance between slide and grip
    • Available in women’s and child’s sizes, tan or black

    Bloch Spark

    The Spark jazz shoe features a sleek low profile silhouette for the most flattering profile in jazz.

    • New low profile heel to get closer-to-the-floor feeling
    • Supple leather combined with arch hugging neoprene midsection for the ultimate fit, form, and function
    • Split-sole design for flawless pointe
    • Sole patch provides shock absorbing comfort and effortless turns
    • Cut-out heel notch allows full articulation
    • Full heel counter for added stability
    • Lower top line affords glove-like fit from heel to toe
    • Available in Black or Tan

    Bloch Phantom

    Ultimate stretch canvas split sole jazz shoe reflects the shape of the foot and holds the shoe firmly in place.

    • Four-way stretch canvas reflects contours of the foot, giving a streamlined fit while being extremely comfortable
    • Combination of suede and rubber outsole allows for spin without slipping
    • Reflects the contour of the foot, enhancing the arch
    • Revolutionary moldable suede front sole, spins when up turning but brakes when flat
    • Forefoot sole design provides excellent slide and controlled grip
    • REVOLUTIONARY moldable suede front sole for feel-the-floor action assists in turning, allows spins when up turning but brakes when flat and gives the dancer control for stopping
    • Split sole design

    Capezio Entry Jazz Split Sole Stretch Boot

    • Slip-on split sole
    • Constructed of soft, durable leather
    • Low-profile upper pattern
    • Neoprene stretch arch insert
    • EVA forefoot patch and heel
    • Heel counter features an Achilles relief that provides a softer topline
    • Foam padded insole
    • Absorbent cotton lining
    • Available in adult and child sizes
    • Black or caramel

    Capezio Jazz Glove

    Acts like a shoe, fits like a glove. Experience the latest in footwear technology with the Capezio Jazz Glove. Made to mimic the natural shape of your foot by providing a more supportive fit to the arch. The NEW breathable airflow system at the bottom of your foot decreases temperature – so you can increase the length of your performance!
    Product Features:

    • Ergonomically shaped last to mimic the natural shape of foot.
    • Sculpted arch, specially designed pattern to provide a more supportive fit.
    • Breathable air flow system on the bottom of the foot.
    • Leather/Neoprene upper, Suede sole for increased flexibility and increased touch with the floor, Eva heel.
    • Stretch topline for increased comfort on your forefoot.
    • Sculpted last at heel to provide better fit.
    • Women: Begin with street shoe size. Men: Begin 2 sizes up from street shoe size.
    • Available in caramel or black

    capezio jazz glove.

    Capezio RockIt Split Sole Dansneaker®

    • Combination PU nubuck and imitation suede upper combined with lightweight and breathable SBR (a strong foam rubber) nylex mesh
    • Vents for air circulation
    • Perforated arch for ventilation and breathability
    • Flat, boxed toe for toe stands
    • Split sole design for flexibility and foot articulation
    • Non-marking PU outsole with built-in patented flex points and
    •  forepart spin spot
    • Padded tongue, collar, and Achilles notch
    • Adult and child sizes

    Capezio Shuffle Tap

    • Super soft, patent PU upper with generous profile and superior materials.
    • Added double snap fastening elastic and grosgrain ribbon.
    • Increased flexibility within the sole and plush microfiber lining for inner comfort.
    • Tele-Tone® toe and heel taps mounted on fiberboard for perfect sound.
    • Attached rubber skid pad with traction grooves and divots to prevent slipping.

    Capezio Mary Jane Tap Shoe

    • Pre-attached Tele Tone® toe and heel taps mounted on fiberboard
    • Minimal toe spring
    • Micro rubber outsole for strength and flexibility
    • Foam insole provides shock absorption and added comfort
    • Cotton socklining and hung lining
    • Scored rubber non-skid pad
    • Non-slip heel counter
    • Velcro buckle
    • Harder micro rubber heel matches the shoe color
    • Also available in adult sizes with traditional buckle
    • Available in Caramel or Black leather

    Bloch Tap On

    Classic leather tap shoe featuring Bloch’s Techno Taps. Cushioned insole for comfort and shock absorption.
    Available in Women’s and Children’s sizes, tan or black

    So Danca TA04/TA05 Tory/Torrin

    Budget friendly, basic lace-up jazz shoe with 1” heel and semi-flexible shank. All cushioned insole and man-made upper. Riveted taps attached.

    Bloch Sync

    Practical Oxford inspired all leather tap shoe which is durable, stable and provides a balanced fit. New and improved BLOCH Mega Taps give optimal sound, making this pair ideal for class, rehearsal or performance. 

    • Full leather upper with reinforced eyelets
    • Durable, strong and stable shoe with perfect balance fit
    • New and improved MEGA taps with superior acoustical sound, Engineered with larger taps that have been developed to fit perfectly flush to the toe and heel edges for optimal sound.
    • Pro balance rubber pad attached under the ball of the foot for a non slip sole on tap surfaces and to allow flexibility
    • Cushioned insole for shock absorption with soft cotton and leather lining for comfort
    • Sturdy 1.5 heel for serious tappers who want both strength and style
    • Available in black or tan

    Capezio Cadence Tap Shoe

    • Soft and durable leather upper
    • Tele Tone® toe and heel taps with tapered heel
    • Lightly padded collar, polyester lining, lightly padded footbed
    • Leather sole, scored rubber skid pad
    • Adult Sizes 4-12

    Bloch Audeo

    Oxford style leather tap shoe with professional BLOCH Shockwave Taps. Upper, heel and tap plates combine to achieve the perfect form.

    • Taps secured to a resonating board give a deeper sound
    • Non-slip Pro Balance rubber pad under the ball of foot
    • Upper design shape and notched collar at heel to relieve pressure on Achilles tendon
    • Full Kashmir lining for comfort, reduced moisture, and shock absorption.
    • Leather stacked heel

    Bloch Tap Flex Tap Shoe

    Lace up split sole full grain leather upper and leather stacked heel. Exclusive Bloch ‘sling technique’ upper allowing the shoe to bend in one direction and give resistance in the other. Kashmir lining for comfort and to reduce moisture. Heel notch to relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon.
    Available in tan or black

    Bloch Tap Flex Slip-On

    Ladies leather slip-on tap shoe features Bloch’s Shockwave taps, leather stacked heel, Kashmir lining, and notched heel counter to relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon.
    Available in tan or black

    Capezio Roxy

    Revamp your look in the Roxy Tap Shoe. Made on a new, sculpted last for a contoured fit to the foot and features a feminine, almond toe shape. T he upper is made from a soft, mold to the foot, Brazilian leather and designed with a traditional wing tip for style. Inside, a molded EVA insole mimics the shape of the shoe for additional foot and archsupport. Secure for toe stands, the toe box has a medium reinforcement and offers less restriction on the flex point. Double layer sole and staked, solid heel straight out of the box. Made of genuine leather, the sole has been stitched for added security. Signature Tele Tone® toe and heel taps are flush mounted for a trademark Capezio sound that begs to be heard.  Available in black.

    Bloch Jason Samuels Smith Tap Shoe

    Bloch’s professional tap shoe designed with tap icon Jason Samuels Smith. Leather upper lined with Kashmir to reduce moisture. Double hard leather outsole with triple stacked heel. Steel resonance plates between tap and outsole create optimum depth and pitch of sound. Specially developed metal bonding procedures ensure that screws will not loosen without modification. Heel measures 1.5″. Separate slip pad included.

    Capezio 1.5″ Jr. Footlight™ Leather Tap Shoe

    • Soft, supple, quality leather upper
    • Vamp is lower and more rounded than the 550/551
    • Tele Tone® toe and Duo Tone heel taps attached
    • Padded insole with ‘arch cookie’ support
    • Scored leather sole with scored rubber non-skid sole patch
    • Lined with moisture absorbing, brushed microfiber
    • Non-slip heel counter
    • 1.5″ fully leather wrapped plastic heel with leather top lift
    • Available in Caramel or Black leather

    So Danca Character Tap shoe

    • Buckle strap shoe with 1.5” or 2” heel. Leather sole, man-made upper. Comfortable cushioned lining. Premium quality detailing.
    • Available in caramel or black

    Capezio Manhattan Xtreme Tap Shoe

    • Soft, supple leather upper
    • Tele Tone® toe, Duo Tone heel taps mounted on steel sprung sounding boards
    • Foam cushioned insole
    • Fully-lined leather footbed
    • Smooth folded edge topline
    • Leather sole is fully breasted for strength
    • Non-slip heel counter
    • Thick, contoured 2.5″ plastic fully leather wrapped heel with leather top lift gives stability and a larger strike zone
    • Black or caramel

    So Danca Pro Tap

    Women’s and Men’s Professional shoe with rubber micro-cellular pads, leather pads or no stoppers. Double leather sole. Wood heel with leather heel tip. Lining and sock lining. Taps attached. Any color combination is available. Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

    Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap

    • Classic T strap styling
    • Scored leather sole
    • Leather top lift
    • 2″ heel

    Capezio Cassie Jr.

    • Stylish 1.5” character shoe inspired by todays street comfort and dancer’s well-being
    • A more modern toe shape, sculpted fit and premium materials enhance the arch-of-the-foot to arch-of-the-shoe connection. Cushioned, memory foam insole for better comfort at the ball and heel.
    • Black or Caramel

    Capezio Cassie

    • Perfect 2″ leather character shoe inspired by today’s street comfort and dancer’s well-being
    • Updated, more modern shape with improved fit; sculpted to better fit to the natural shape of the foot
    • Cushioned, memory foam insole has been developed and added for increased comfort at the ball and heel of the foot.
    • Black or Caramel

    So Danca Character Shoe

    • Buckle strap shoe with 2” heel. Leather sole, man-made upper
    • Comfortable cushioned lining. Premium quality detailing.
    • Available in caramel or black

    So Danca CH02

    So Danca CH02 Adult 1.25″ Sueded Character Shoe is a great basic buckle strap character shoe. Features include comfortable cushion lining, leather upper, 1.25″ heel, and a flexible suede sole which provides added traction and is excellent for spins.

    Bloch Splitflex Dance Shoes

    A versatile leather character shoe. Suede forefoot outsole. Elasticized panel underfoot enables the Splitflex to move with the foot in pointe and demi. Tan,black

    Very Fine Dancesport Shoes

    Very Fine Dancesport Shoes was founded in June 1998. They are OEM dance footwear manufacturer & supplier, carrying their own house brands where the emphasis is on high-end design dance shoes using premium materials. Since the beginning, the principle elements of their company have been focused on their service and delivery of quality products with affordable prices. As a result, Very Fine has successfully become one of the largest dance shoes supplier in the US. Their relentless pursuit for perfection has made their dance shoes the first choice of many professional dancers.

    Many Very Fine styles feature a quick release buckle, which make slipping your shoes on and off a dream!  Built in gel insoles add extra padding and comfort so you can dance all night long.  Suede soles and heel tips.  We stock over 20 styles for Smooth or Latin dance including men’s styles.  Heel heights include Cuban, 1.5”, 2.5” and 3”.  We can special order any shoe from the manufacturer’s catalog; please allow a minimum of two weeks for delivery.